Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam are part of ASEAN. In regard to their ongoing integration within this community, it is important to undertake such joint projects which aim to strengthen the multidisciplinary research and exchange of expertise and knowledge. Even though ASEAN manages to promote conventional socioeconomic development in areas such as trade and education, the issues of the region around the sustainable development of natural resources require more cross-sectoral coordination and policy integration. This is an area which ASEAN in its current form cannot operationalize. Therefore, the WANASEA consortium have chosen to improve the cooperation between these states on WNRM. The three partner countries are characterized by a deeply-changing economic and social environment as well as growth with particular pressures on water and natural resources. Water and Natural Resource Management (WNRM) theme raises societal matters of major importance carried by a multi-scalar analytical framework – from local to transnational, transversal and multidisciplinary. It addresses essential aspects such as governance, geopolitics, energy needs, the effects of climate change, dynamic landscape, forms of impacts and risks associated with hydraulic development on societies and the environment, irrigation and drainage, social water management, inequalities and vulnerabilities, food security, water supply and sanitation.